Chamber Furnaces

Protherm Furnaces provide a wide range of standard chamber furnaces. Protherm Furnaces deliver higher customer satisfaction by keeping a variety of furnaces in stock for shorter delivery times.

Ashing, Muffle and Asphalt furnaces are regular chamber furnaces under production.


Country Availability

Their chamber furnaces come in a variety of series

ECO Series
ECO series has been designed for professionals as an economical solution. With brick and fiber insulation elements, these models can be optimally used for your general procedures.

PLF Series 110-130
PLF series have been used as a trusted professional chamber furnace for many years in laboratories. Available with brick and fiber insulation elements, with a wide variety of options, these models can be optimally used for your general procedures. 

Ashing Furnaces
PAF series is recommended for heavy ashing applications, where carbon can deposit during the “firing process” from products such as oil, food, and plastic.

Asphalt Furnaces
Asphalt furnaces are specially designed for the quantitative determination of Binder Content in hot- mix asphalt.

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