Monoclonal & Polyclonal Antibodies

Prospec offers both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

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Polyclonal Antibodies 
Polyclonal antibodies (abbreviated as pAbs) are created in the body by B Cells. Their primary purpose is to act against certain antigens in the body. They do this by identifying different epitopes on a given antigen.

  • Anti-GST
  • Anti Viral
  • Others

Monoclonal Antibodies
Monoclonal Antibodies are cells derived by cell division from a single ancestral cell.Monoclonals are a class of antibodies with identical offspring of a hybridoma and are very specific for a particular location in the body derived from a single clone and can be grown indefinitely. Monoclonal Antibodies recognize and bind to antigens in order to discriminate between specific epitopes which provides protection against disease organisms.

  • Anti Human Chemokine
  • Anti Human Enzyme
  • Anti Mouse Cytokine


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