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ASTM: D7945,D7777, D445,D4052. GOST: 33. ISO 3104, IP 71. Specs: ASTM D445, ASTM D4052

OptiMVD is a mini viscometer and density meter designed for today’s modern laboratory. Available in three different configurations, all models load the sample, perform viscosity and density measurement, and clean the system automatically. The dual carousel model allows programming up to 48 samples at a time. All models can measure samples with a viscosity range from 1 mm2/sec to 2,000 mm2/sec at 40°C.

Safe and cost-effective to own and operate, the constant pressure viscometer has a precision that meets or exceeds ASTM D445 or its equivalents.

Complies to: ASTM D7945, ASTM D7777

Correlates to: ASTM D445, ASTM D4052, ISO 3104, IP 71, GOST 33, GB/T 265

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