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ASTM D5972 (IP 435), ASTM D2386 (IP 16/ISO 3013), DEF STAN 91-091, CGSB 3.23 & 3.24

Phase Technology’s new JFA-70Xi jet fuel analyzer is the world’s first and only instrument that performs three crucial tests in one unit—freeze point, viscosity and density. The JFA-70Xi features a new, side loaded automatic sample injection port. There’s no longer a need to manually pipette.

The JFA is completely self-cleaning, without the need of solvents. Save time and hassle of cleaning, and avoid any risk of damage to the sample cup.

ASTM has updated D1655 jet fuel specification to include Phase Technology’s ASTM D7945, as used in the JFA-70Xi jet fuel analyzer.

  • Approved for jet fuel certification – Fully compliant with ASTM D1655, the specification used for release of jet fuel.
  • No external chiller – Quiet, cool, self-contained thermoelectric cooler; no hazardous liquid bath medium (methanol toxicity)

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