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Total Elemental Combustion Analyzer

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Simultaneous Analysis of Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen in One Single Run!

PAC ElemeNtS is the most advanced, modular, analytical system combining the detection of Total Sulfur and/or Total Nitrogen in today’s market. Characterized by its excellent long-term stability and cutting-edge sensitivity, ElemeNtS is designed to tackle modern laboratory challenges. ElemeNtS is equipped with 10” Touchscreen Interface for direct queue control and diagnostics. Modern design, aimed at reducing bench space, as ElemeNtS is the smallest combustion analyzer on the market, alongside easy accessible front door for effortless maintenance.
The ElemeNtS analyzer detects Total Sulfur and/or Total Nitrogen efficiently using Ultra Violet Fluorescence (UVF) and Chemiluminescence (CLD) in liquid, gaseous materials and LPG samples. ElemeNtS provides all of these benefits through:

  • High Performance for Versatility and Quick Analysis
  • Improved Lab Productivity Through Reduced User Intervention
  • Precise Analyzer for High Quality Data
  • Proven Compliancy for Multiple Industries
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