Cooling system to protect heat sensitive samples during homogenization

The BR-Cryo Cooling Unit is compatible with the Bead Ruptor 24 and is designed to prevent the increase of sample temperature during the homogenization process. Friction generated through the bead milling process generates heat that is imparted to the sample. In order to maintain a constant processing temperature during homogenization, the BR-Cryo passes chilled air (-100°C to -50°C) into the sample processing chamber and across the sample tubes to dissipate heat.

Samples can be maintained at a temperature ranging from 4°C to ambient thus protecting heat sensitive samples such as RNA and proteins.

The BR-Cryo can be used to maintain a constant temperature when extracting functional enzymes or volatile small molecules.

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Product Highlights:

  • Compatible with the Bead Ruptor 24
  • Adjustable cooling rate
  • Compatible with liquid nitrogen or dry ice with ethanol
  • BR-Cryo maintain sample temperatures from 4°C to ambient
  • Prevent protein degradation
  • Ensure RNA stability
  • Prevent enzyme activation


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