A fully capable and robust immunoassay analyzer with performance consistent with CL-2000i, in a smaller benchtop package better suited for mid-to-small-sized labs. With throughput of 120 tests per hour, this system features its large reagent and sample capacity, reliable performance and user-friendly operation interface.

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Principle Advantages

  • Micron super paramagnetic particles(SPMP) platform, with high suspend ability.
  • Alkaline phosphates(ALP) labeled reagents and AMPPD substrate, highest sensitivity immunology method, for test such as TSH, HIV, HBsAg etc.
  • Establish a high level of quality control of antibody and antigen.
  • 4-stage magnetic separation, mixing between different separation stages.



Enhanced Reaction System

  • 4-phase magnetic separation with precisely controlled temperature
  • Consistent performance reliability with enhanced PMT detection system
  • Non-touch vortexer mixing for reaction solution without any contamination
Sample Handling
  • Samples loading and offloading by sample racks
  • Unified sample racks with detachable adaptor
  • Rack status real-time indicating numbers
  • STAT samples prioritization

Consumables Management

  • Random access for cuvette loading without pause or stop
    88*2 cuvettes in one batch, 200 cuvettes per waste bag
  • Cuvettes & waste bag status real-time indicating


  • ISO17025 accredited standardization laboratory
  • Assign value to calibrator according to reference method or international reference materials


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