Precision Balance

Proper sample preparation and careful data handling are crucial. When there is no room for compromise, Excellence Weighing and Dosing Solutions deliver accurate results first time, every time.

Our balance comes in three different categories, “Excellence Level”, “Advanced Level”, and “Standard Level”.

Excellence Level
Your right choice for the highest weighing performance. Customizable user guidance, first-class functionalities, and comprehensive design features make your weighing and laboratory processes extra efficient.

Advanced Level
Take advantage of reduced weighing efforts. Intuitive user guidance, built in applications, progressive level control, and easy data transfer make your weighing task faster and more convenient.

Standard Level 
Enter the professional world of weighing. High-quality mechanical design and essential functionalities ensure consistent and precise weighing results.


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Outstanding weighing performance and innovative sample handling technologies guarantee that challenging weighing tasks are efficient, error-free, and compliant.

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