ScanVac – Speed Vacuum Concentrators (Maxivac & MiniVac)

A range of small and large capacity freeze dryers & cold traps offering faster drying speeds, lowest temperatures, easy maintenance and a wide range of chambers and accessories. High Performance, Environmentally Friendly, Convenience & Comfort and Economical are the key words that describe this equipment.

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The Mini & MaxiVac units offer full programming of time, temperature, rotation speed, auto start/stop with digital display and dryness control. The high quality stainless steel chamber with teflon coating option, ensures ultimate protection and longevity.

Speed Vacuum Concentrators are differentiate into MiniVac and MaxiVac

MiniVac – The MiniVac systems are compact, environment friendly centrifugal evaporators, designed for rapid and efficient concentration or drying of small samples in tubes.

MaxiVac – A compact, fast and environmental friendly vacuum concentrator, ideal for the concentration of both large and small volumes from 200 x 1.5ml tubes to 4x 250ml tubes, with range of rotors to suit all your sample requirements.

Both MiniVac and MaxiVac have Alpha & Beta version for it’s model which cater different needs.

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