ScanVAC – Freeze Dryers (CoolSafe)

A range of small and large capacity freeze dryers & cold traps offering faster drying speeds, lowest temperatures, easy maintenance and a wide range of chambers and accessories. High Performance, Environmentally Friendly, Convenience & Comfort and Economical are the key words that describe this equipment.

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Freeze Dryer- CoolSafe 4-15 L is an outstanding and versatile range of advanced bench-top freeze dryers. Ideal choice for research, process development and small-scale production.

Accessories include a range of acrylic chambers with racks & shelves – with or without electric heating -, stoppering and manifolds for flasks and ampoules for all types of applications.


  • Lowest condenser temperatures
  • Conserve energy and increase performance
  • Easy draining
  • Easy operation


Bench top models with -55 ºC to -110 ºC condenser temperatures and 4, 9 or 15 liter capacities and 2 floor standing models with 80 liter condensers at -55 ºC or -95 ºC. They are offered as Basic, Pro, Touch or Superior Touch versions with full microprocessor programming for time, temperature and pressure with optional pressure regulation or documentation or control by computer.

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