ScanSpeed – Centrifuge

-Premium Quality
-Safety and robustness
-Convenience in operation
-Eco friendly

Let’s look at the range of centrifuges. Different models are available for the respective range of centrifuges.
-Low-speed centrifuges
-Multi-purpose high-speed centrifuges
-Large capacity high-speed centrifuges

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ScanSpeed, a range of centrifuges of distinction from LaboGene A/S, from simple separation to sequencing.
Discover the ideal centrifuge and accessories for your every day needs and your research programs and accelerate your micro-volume separations with our range of compact and easy-to-use centrifuges.
We offer a wide range of moderne centrifuges for a wide variety of laboratory applications.

“A revolution in centrifuge design and quality is the hallmark of ScanSpeed Centrifuges”

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