ScanLaf – Laminar Flow

Vertical laminar flow sterile cabinet – Fortuna Clean Bench

Incorporate the latest laminator technology and energy-saving designs with HEPA filtration and a range of options that gives optimal protection of your product, samples or equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • New Innovative EC fans
  • Electrical operated front window
  • Ideal ergonomic working position
  • LCD display (integrated control panel)
  • HEPA filters
  • Noise reduction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental safety


Country Availability

LaboGene sets the standards in quality, design, innovation and service of its biological safety cabinets and laminar airflow cabinets that comes from a heritage over 40 years manufacturing experience and expertise which is epitomised in the ScanLaf brand.

All of our biological safety cabinets are in compliance with EN 12469 (and DIN 12980 for our triple filter safety cabinets), EN 61010-1, EN 61000-6 and EN 11201.

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