Refrigerated/Heating circulators

Your advantages:

  • All products feature user-friendly, intuitive operation
  • Extra bright displays, easy to read from a distance
  • State-of-the-art control technology for quick and highly precise results
  • Many professional functions for adjusting control paramenters, temperature calibration, temperature profiles etc.
  • For bath tanks with a max. filling volume of 50 liters
  • Working temperature from -50 °C to +200 °C

The new generation of laboratory circulators for routine work and standard tasks. Refrigerated / Heating Circulators of the new CORIO series distinguish themselves with a great price-to-performance ratio. They are ideal for all standard tasks and routine work in laboratories and industry.

Enhanced pump performance and a temperature range up to +200 °C. Refrigerated Circulators from the CORIO CP range are suitable for applications with a temperature range up to +200°C. The enhanced pump performance ensures they are suitable for easy temperature control tasks in combination with external applications.

New temperature control technology for demanding applications. DYNEO DD heating circulators for internal and external applications are equipped with closed bath tanks. The tanks are well insulated and include a coil for counter-cooling. An integrated drain tap makes emptying the tank safe and clean. The multilingual 3.5-inch color display and unique rotary knob provide for straightforward and intuitive operation.

Extremely powerful pressure/suction pump and intuitive touch display. As with all circulators from the MAGIO range, the refrigerated circulators stand out thanks to their premium quality, high performance and intuitive operation. The devices offer extra strong pressure and suction pumps, thus fulfilling the highest demands for temperature control of external applications. Whether in basic research, material testing or technical systems – the MAGIO refrigerated circulators offer high-tech solutions for high customer requirements.

HighTech HE
For working temperatures to +200°C. The HighTech Series features refrigerated heating /circulators with innovative technology for sophisticated applications. The instruments provide powerful, electronically adjustable pressure and suction pumps.

HighTech HL
Top-of-the-line for challenging tasks. The top-of-the-line models with HL circulators offer professional technology and maximum functionality. The additional LCD dialog display interactively assists the user in setting circulator parameters. Intelligent Cascade Control (ICC) and Temperature Control Features (TCF) ensure optimal control behavior. HL circulators also have a Stakei connection.

Each series have different models that cattle for individual needs.

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Refrigerated – Heating Circulators

for working temperatures from -50 °C to +200 °C

JULABO Refrigerated and Heating Circulators are suitable for temperature application to external systems with simultaneous operation in the bath tank. Models in different performance classes are available. The units provide high heating/cooling capacities to ensure rapid heat-up and cool-down times. With ‚Active Cooling Control’ to +200 °C.

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