Microplate Dispenser – VIAFLO 96/384

Increase your pipetting throughput and reproducibility without investing in big automation

Previously, high throughput microplate pipetting was only possible by investing in fully automated liquid handling robots. These robots are not only expensive, they are also complex and difficult to program, requiring specially trained users.

VIAFLO 96/384 is the solution. With this 24, 96 and 384 channel pipette, INTEGRA meets the need for an affordable, compact and easy to use pipette that provides increased productivity. The unique operating concept makes VIAFLO 96/384 as easy to use as any traditional handheld pipette.

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VIAFLO 96/384: As well as filling plates, our electronic 96 or 384 channel pipettes offer additional functions such as creating dilution series, mixing, and replicating entire plates. The pipetting unit is controlled by hand but supported by a motor, which makes it possible to dispense up to 1536 samples quickly and easily into microtiter plates.

Reagent Dispensing
Microtiter plates are normally filled by hand with multichannel pipettes or using large automated platforms. However, the latter is very expensive and complex. Microtiter plate dispensers are an inexpensive alternative and available in different versions.

-Intuitive handheld operation 
-Quick and comprehensible menu navigation
-Always work in the optimal volume range
-Space fighting footprint
-GripTip Pipette Tips which never leak or fall off

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