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Sterilization and dispensing of medium

Many things must be considered during media preparation. The media must be prepared in a sterile and careful manner so that sensitive ingredients are not damaged. In particular, heat-sensitive media may not be exposed to high temperatures for too long. Media containing agar must be pre-swelled beforehand to then be completely dissolved and sterilized by heating within a short space of time. The subsequent process of filling Petri dishes in a sterile manner is often laborious and time-consuming. In addition, there are high expectations about the quality of agar plates. The gel layer should be even, have a smooth surface and a thickness of at least 3 mm.

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The media preparator prepares the medium in a single container in a gentle manner. Temperature, time and pressure are monitored throughout the entire sterilization process, which guarantees the documented preparation of reproducible high-quality culture medium.

MEDIACLAVE allows for a much shorter process in which medium formulation and sterilization is carried out in one single step. The temperature of the agar medium is precisely monitored and controlled during the entire process. Permanent stirring guarantees homogenous temperature throughout the whole batch and an efficient plate heat exchanger facilitates rapid cooling. All these features prevent the medium from excessive heat exposure and thereby maintains its fertility.

-Fast Heating and Rapid Cooling
-Reliable Sterillisation
-Process documentation and validation

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