Surface sterilization at the push of a button

Surface flame sterilization is a common procedure in many laboratories to prevent bacterial, fungal or viral contamination. However, most Bunsen burners lack mobility and have a relatively narrow flame which makes it troublesome to sterilize large surfaces.

INTEGRA has developed a handheld Bunsen burner that meets these special needs. Designed like a pistol and equipped with piezo-electric ignition FLAMEBOY is easily portable. The extra broad flame makes it particularly convenient to sterilize large surfaces.

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Piezoelectric ignition
Immediate ignition is independent of any power source or battery.

Ergonomic design
The handy pistol grip of FLAMEBOY provides convenient holding and use.

Various gas adapters for gas connections and cartridges
Compatible with different gas types. If equipped with a gas cartridge adapter, FLAMEBOY is independent of any gas distribution system and at hand whenever needed.

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