A safe alternative to traditional Bunsen burners

Traditionally Bunsen burners are widely used as standard equipment for routine flame sterilization work. However, the danger of working with traditional Bunsen burners connected to a gas distribution system should not be underestimated. A major source of danger is posed by burners that leak highly flammable gas.

The FIREBOY Portable Safety Bunsen developed by INTEGRA is a safe alternative. FIREBOY not only prevents the danger of gas leaks but also reduces the risks of fire or burns if unintentionally left on.

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1) Flame monitoring prevents gas leakage
2) Automatic ignition – no lighter or matches needed
3) Gas cartridge adapters – independent from any gas distribution system
4) Optional battery – no power supply needed

-Safe Operation
-Convenient Handling
-Independent and Portable
-Functional and Robust Design

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