HyCloneTM Defined Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), US Origin

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  • Our highest quality FBS, HyCloneTM US-origin defined FBS is 40 nm-filtered, virus-tested to 9 CFR standard, and supplied with an extensive biochemical profile
  • Well-defined: assay results for over 50 components, with additional testing available
  • US origin: sourced and processed in the United States with complete traceability to origin
  • Ultra-low endotoxin: ≤ 10 EU/mL endotoxin for reduced research and production risk
  • Sterile-filtered: serial 40 nm filter process removes up to 8 logs viral challenge
  • Post-filtration treatments: γ-irradiated and heat-inactivated FBS options also available
  • Virus-tested: broad virus panel testing in accordance with 9 CFR 113.53


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