Hei-VOLUME Automatic Evaporation

Automatic solvent supply of the evaporating flask
Refilling with Sensor-Mode runs automatically and is based on the desired level of liquid in the evaporation flask. Refilling with Time-Mode is done for a set time duration.

Automatic discharge of condensate
A valve matrix controls the continuous discharge of the condensate from the system into a temporary storage flask. The collected condensate will be discharged into your collecting tank by a diaphragm pump.

Automatic drainage of residue
The residue in the evaporating flask is drained into a collecting tank. Afterwards the process starts again automatically by refilling the evaporating flask.

End of distillation process
The process can be terminated automatically after evaporation is completed or manually at any time by the operator.



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For unattended and continuous use
The Distimatic module can be combined with any benchtop Hei-Vap or  Hei-Vap Industrial to allow for continuous distillation of large volumes of solvent. The module enables evaporations to be run unattended, enabling you to leave your rotary evaporator running overnight or during the weekend.

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