VERITY GPC Cleanup System with UV

The VERITY® GPC Cleanup System is an ideal solution for post-extraction cleanup of high-molecular weight interfering substances from environmental samples, food products, and animal tissue prior to analysis using gel permeation chromatography (GPC). Removal of these contaminants leads to more reliable results, fewer sample repeats, and less downtime for downstream chromatography instruments.

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GPC Cleanup for a Variety of Substances

The automated VERITY GPC Cleanup System provides a post-extraction purification solution that removes matrix interferences prior to GC, GC/MS, HPLC, or LC/MS, extending the life of chromatography columns, protecting chromatography instruments, improving analytical accuracy, and lowering detection limits. The system removes substances such as lipids, proteins, cell debris, pigments, humic acid, and more that can interfere with the analysis of pharmaceuticals and residues (pesticide residues, semi-volatiles, PAHs, PCBs, mycotoxins, pharmaceuticals, and antibiotics) from animal tissue, fatty foods, plant tissue, soils sediment, sludge, and wastewater. The VERITY GPC Cleanup System automates cleanup of up to 80 sample extracts and can collect multiple fractions from the same extract, all with reduced sample carryover. The system meets U.S., Canadian, and European Union requirements for GPC cleanup.

All Under TRILUTION® LC Control

The VERITY GPC Cleanup System is controlled by the powerful TRILUTION LC software. The software contains preprogrammed methods for GPC post-extraction cleanup. The software error handling and shutdown methods help to minimize solvent waste and sample loss.

Optional UV-Vis Detector

For complying with US EPA regulations, outfit your VERITY GPC System with 157 UV/Vis Detector and preparative flow cell. The UV detector can be used to calibrate the GPC column per regulation standards.

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