Safe Aspiration Pump

Safe and Contamination-Free

The closed, stand-alone unit is designed to prevent contamination hazards. All parts in contact with liquids are fully autoclavable. The station is equipped with a level detection system to prevent liquid overflow and an in-line hydrophobic filter that traps aerosols for safe disposal of contaminated or hazardous liquids.


Different adapters are provided with the Safe Aspiration Kit and can be fitted to the hand operator. The station also ensures an adjustable aspiration level indicated by a board of LEDs. The choice of the adapter and the easy setting of the vacuum level enables quick and accurate aspiration of liquids from a variety of vessels.


Associated with the Safe Aspiration Kit, the Safe Aspiration Station is easy to use on a bench or in laminar flow cabinets. The unit is always ready to use. Simply press the button on the aspiration hand operator to aspirate. The ergonomic hand operator can be stored on the bottle handle. The Safe Aspiration Kit also contains a stand with storage for the adapters and the hand operator to help your workspace remain clean and organized.

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The Gilson Safe Aspiration Station is a stand-alone motorized vacuum system for quick and easy aspiration of biological liquid waste disposal. Liquids are quickly and safely aspirated and collected in a 4 L polypropylene bottle. The station offers adjustable aspiration speed and handles, ideal for ELISA tests, cell culture, and any other contaminated or hazardous liquid aspiration and disposal.

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