Pipette Accessories

Accessories to Support Your Pipetting Tasks

Sometimes it’s small things that make all the difference in your pipetting experience. That’s why we offer a variety of pipette stands, chargers, and other accessories that make day-to-day pipetting more convenient for you.

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Stand and Holders 
Protect your pipettes from contamination and keep yourself organized by storing your pipettes on a stand. Choose from a range of stands and holders for single or multiple pipettes, all made of durable materials. Plus, these space-saving stand designs do not interfere with your valuable bench space.

Always have a charged pipetting device when you need it. Our Power Carrousel™ accommodates up to five PIPETMAN® M electronic pipettes, keeping them off your benchtop and protecting them from shocks and contamination. For the MACROMAN® pipette controller, turn to our space-saving Charging Stand that provides convenient horizontal or vertical storage while charging between dispensing routines. Both are made of rugged materials to handle most lab environments.

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