Optimal Speed Control

MACROMAN aspiration and dispensing speed can be set using pressure sensitive triggers or by using the thumbwheel while pipetting. The speed is adjustable up to 25 mL in less than three seconds. The screen continuously displays battery status and the aspiration and dispensing speed setting.

Comfortable Use

Prevent hand fatigue with MACROMAN’s ergonomic handle featuring wide triggers for maximum comfort and stress-free pipetting. The Lithium-Ion battery enables a longer, vibration-free use with reduced charging time.

Wide Range of Flow Rates

Increase precision by choosing your flow rate mode from slow drops to rapid dispensing.

Convenient Storage

All stands are included with MACROMAN for stable and easy storage of the pipette controller on the bench. MACROMAN also features an integrated, adjustable side stand.

Country Availability

MACROMAN is a precise pipette controller for glass and plastic pipettes. It can handle a volume range from 0.1 to 100 mL.

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