Fraction Collector

The compact, lower capacity FC 203B Fraction Collector collects samples based on time, drop, or peak, making it a choice for a range of LC applications. The collector accommodates a wide variety of collection vessels, including microplates, vials, and tubes and can be used with any HPLC system.

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Product Highlights:

Versatile Collection Options

Choose among peak, drop, or time collection options with the FC 203B Fraction Collector. In peak mode, the FC 203B monitors a detector signal and identifies peaks using either an adaptive-slope algorithm or a specified millivolt threshold. With up to ten programmable time windows to use, collect only what you want and discard the column void volume, peaks of no interest, and equilibration volumes. Multicolumn adapters are available for collecting up to 18 separate channels and an optional 3-way diverter valve prevents contamination of collected fractions.

Simplified Operation

The built-in, easy-to-use keypad makes setup and operation simple and capable of interfacing with any HPLC system via contact signals. Or control the system through your PC with TRILUTION® LC software.


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