Automated Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges System (ASPEC)

This ASPEC® system for positive pressure solid phase extraction (SPE) maximizes throughput by processing up to four samples in parallel. With its small footprint and multiple probes, it is the ideal choice for high-throughput SPE automation on 1, 3, or 6 mL cartridges. Combined with ASPEC SPE Cartridges, it generates reproducible and efficient sample cleanup for clinical, forensic, doping, food, and environmental testing labs.

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GX-274 ASPEC System : Increase your productivity with the ASPEC 274. This positive pressure, four-probe automated SPE system can process up to four samples in parallel, maximizing the throughput and efficiency of your SPE cartridge-based applications. Simply place your samples on the instrument, the ASPEC Pre-Capped SPE Cartridges into the mobile racks, and fill the solvent reservoirs. Run by the TRILUTION® LH software, you’ll get up to speed quickly and start processing your samples right away.

Product Highlights:

  • Parallel Processing for Maximum Efficiency
  • Positive Pressure for Reproducible Extractions
  • Smart Design for Maximized Performance

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