ASPEC® Pre-capped SPE Cartridges

ASPEC® pre-capped Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges are available in 1, 3, and 6 mL volumes. These high quality silica and polymer products come in a variety of phases including Silica, C18, SCX, WCX, HLB (Polymeric) and many more. With reproducible separation, high loading capacity and accurate elution properties, each of the phases allows low solvent consumption and reliable analysis.

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Silica based ASPEC® SCX solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges contain high-quality, strong cation exchanger from a Tosic Acid bonded sorbent that maintains a negative charge throughtout the pH scale. Recommended for the isolation of weak basic compounds  (7<pKa<10) in aqueous samples.

ASPEC Ready for Efficient Automation

ASPEC pre-capped cartridges are ‘ASPEC instrument-ready’, saving your time and money by eliminating manual capping. Thanks to automation that delivers consistent flow rates, these cartridges provide high loading capacity, accurate elution properties, and reproducible separation with low solvent usage. These cartridges are also available uncapped for manual extractions.

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