-Extraction in series
-Convenient to operate
-Economical and fast
-High standard of safety in the laboratory
-Extremely versatile – Fat extraction or sample preparation
-Valid quality of analysis

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Extraction system for fat determination

C. Gerhardt‘s innovative SOXTHERM® rapid extraction system is the highest performed of all laboratory extraction systems available on the market. It is fast, very versatile, can be upgraded easily at any time and provides the best analysis results reliably and consistently. With SOXTHERM® you can process up to 24 different samples simultaneously.

The device runs fully automatically and can be operated without supervision with confidence. Just insert the extraction beaker and let it run: The time your presence is required is reduced to a minimum. The control software monitors and logs all processing and device data. Your advantage: The extraction processes in your laboratory are transparent, documented and traceable at all times.

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