-Ready to operate fast – Results every 3 minutes
-Lowest Operating Costs for nitrogen determination
-Safer nitrogen determination than with Kjeldahl
-Aqueous or solid? It can analyze both samples types perfectly
-Maintenance downtime? Not with Dumatherm

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The automatic nitrogen analyzer for high-throughput laboratories

If you determine the protein content of many samples every day, the automatic nitrogen analyzer DUMATHERM® will inspire you:

  • Nitrogen determination of your samples is 70 times faster than with the Kjeldahl method.
  • The DUMATHERM® operates without aggressive chemicals and therefore requires no space in the fume cupboard.
  • The DUMATHERM® uses up less resources. The costs per sample are therefore lower, and you’ll work more economically.
  • All DUMATHERM® components are easily accessible. Maintenance can be carried out within a few minutes. This gives you extra time for nitrogen determination compared to using other nitrogen
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