CryoScarless DMSO-Free is a serum-free and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)-free cell freezing medium for long-term storage at -80℃ or in liquid nitrogen.

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  • Animal derived protein-free, Serum-free and DMSO-free formulation.
  • Xeno-free.
  • High cell viability, and no risk of both cytotoxicity of DMSO and contamination by serum-derived proteins.
  • Consistent and high cell viability after thawing (> 90% for most of the cell lines).
  • Maintaining stem cell pluripotency after thawing.
  • Free of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma contamination.
  • Long shelf life. The product is stable for 2 years at 4°C after the date of manufacture.
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