Using Juno™ you can produce dozens to hundreds of sample libraries daily for hypothesis-free RNA-seq or targeted DNA NGS. Optimized for use with Illumina® sequencing systems in combination with Fluidigm supplied sample barcodes, Juno enables accurate sequencing of more samples—faster and more affordably than ever before.

Juno also serves as a universal controller to prepare integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) for both gene expression and genotyping analysis when used together with the Fluidigm Biomark™ HD system. While providing significant advantages in sample throughput for the analysis of dozens to hundreds of DNA variants or RNA transcripts per sample, the Juno system also significantly reduces reaction volumes and required hands-on time, resulting in substantial savings over traditional methods

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Product Highlights:

  • Efficient – Reduce costs with nanoliter-scale reaction volumes and walkaway automation.
  • Flexible – Perform NGS library preparation or pair with a Biomark HD to implement genotyping, sample identification, gene expression and copy number variant analysis and digital PCR.
  • Scalable – Deliver reproducible results day after day using robust microfluidic automation that you can rely on.
  • Proven – Easily design assay panels for targeted NGS, SNP genotyping or gene expression to detect DNA variants, mRNAs or miRNAs—from a few targets to several thousand.


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