Hyperion Imaging System

To be used with Fluidigm Helios mass cytometry platform, the Hyperion™ Imaging System is a high-parameter imaging system capable of analyzing 4 to 37 protein markers at subcellular resolution in fixed tissue sections or cell smears. With the ability to utilize up to 135 channels to detect additional parameters, the Hyperion Imaging System is ideal to meet researcher needs today and well into the future.

The Hyperion Imaging System comprises a Hyperion Tissue Imager, a Helios system and software for data acquisition and viewing.

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Product Highlights:

  • deeply characterize the complex and diverse tissue microenvironment
  • gain unparalleled understanding of the spatial relationships between a multitude of cell types and the role of cell phenotypes in the context of disease
  • further stratify subjects by linking high-plex data to outcome in your clinical studies
  • help uncover novel therapeutic targets through the discovery of new biomarkers
  • gain a better understanding of immunotherapy responses that could ultimately help extend patient lives

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