The EUROPattern Suite automates immunofluorescence microscopy (slide transport, image recording and archiving and interpretation of the immunofluorescence images), providing support and improvement in diagnostic result reporting. As a module of the laboratory management software EUROLabOffice, EUROPattern can be flexibly integrated into any laboratory environment.

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Computer-aided immunofluorescence microscopy (CAIFM)

  • Automated microscopy and a modern reporting system at the screen for a multitude of EUROIMMUN IIFT products – the darkroom is now obsolete
  • Pattern recognition and titer determination for ANA and ANCA (including mixed patterns), Crithidia and recombinant cells
  • Long walk-away time due to high loading capacity and automated processing of up to 500 positions in one run
  • High-throughput immunofluorescence microscopy – over 250 fluorescence images can be recorded and automatically evaluated in just one hour
  • Reliability and traceability due to automatic identification of slides via matrix codes


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