A further quality feature is the optionally available climate control unit, which ensures constant incubation conditions — regardless of fluctuating or excessively high laboratory temperatures. The EUROIMMUN Analyzer I-2P is designed for low to medium sample volumes.

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Efficient ELISA automation for low to medium throughput

The EUROIMMUN Analyzer I-2P is an open system for fully automated ELISA processing of up to 3 microplates and 144 patient samples in one run. The combination of EUROIMMUN ELISAs and EUROIMMUN Analyzer I-2P enables a quick and simple, but also a secure routine operation, owing to the automatic recognition and allocation of reagents and the import of QC data via Data Matrix codes.

  • Fully automated ELISA processing for low to medium sample volume with minimal manual input
  • Open system with more than 800 validated EUROIMMUN parameters for autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics
  • High reliability and traceability due to automatic identification of barcodes of patient samples and ready-to-use reagents
  • Fast processing of up to 50 tests per hour
  • Capacity for up to 3 plates and 144 samples per run
  • Convenient operation of the software including scanning of QC certificates using a 2D-hand barcode scanner


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