The Eppendorf PCR-Cooler is a clean, easy-to use, compact replacement for an ice bucket during PCR setup. Simply place the PCR-Cooler in a –20 °C freezer two hours before starting your assay and it will keep your samples cool for at least an hour. It also contains a temperature indicator that changes color when the temperature exceeds 7 °C. Ideal for protecting your samples during PCR setup.

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Product Highlights:

  • Handling system for sample set-up, protection, transport, and storage of sensitive samples – keep you samples safe
  • Clear temperature indicator: Color of PCR cooler changes when temperature exceeds 7 °C
  • Accommodates PCR-vessels as tubes, strips, or plates for flexible vessel usage
  • Dry incubation technology reduces contamination risk of samples
  • Keeps an entire 96-well PCR plate cold for more than an hour at 0 °C (with two-hour precooling at -20 °C) for safe samples


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