Innova® S44i

Eppendorf has helped scientists achieve better results for over 70 years. Now, we want to move your lab forward by moving shaker technology forward; we want to grow your lab by growing better cultures. The Innova® S44i Biological Shaker is the next great addition to our renowned portfolio of life science solutions.

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Product Highlights:

  • Highest flask capacity in a smaller footprint – grow more cells in less space
  • The new proprietary Eppendorf X-Drive with semi-automatic counterbalance technology provides smooth and uniform agitation
  • High temperature uniformity across chamber for reproducible results
  • Easily reach all your samples using the slide-out platform
  • Glide-up doors for convenient and effortless access
  • Optimize your space with double- and triple-stacked configurations
  • New touchscreen user interface provides easy operation. Alarm status, event log, and user information is just one touch away.
  • Create multi-step programs for automated control of the shaker
  • Photosynthetic LED light bank for plant and algae growth
  • Wide range of accessories and platforms to meet your every growing need


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