Eppendorf Reference® 2

Extraordinary precision and accuracy – Eppendorf´s premium pipette

Besides improved ergonomics the design focus lays on providing the most accurate results possible, optimum user safety, reliability and robustness for a long service life. The innovative single button operation is not only fast and easy, but it also allows active aerosol1) reduction and thus protects the user, the sample and the pipette.

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Product Highlights:

  • The one-button operation offers fast and ergonomic handling with reduced operating effort and active aerosol reduction. To avoid accidental tip ejection a clear haptic feedback is provided
  • The spring-loaded tip cone improves user-to-user reproducibility and improved ergonomics by lowering tip attachment force
  • The Reference 2 multi-channel offers high flexibility incl. a spring-loaded tip cone which can be switched on/off optionally
  • The secondary adjustment supports the easy adjustment of your Reference 2 for the most accurate pipetting of different liquids or other external conditions without the need for a full calibration
  • The outstanding precision and accuracy of Reference 2 provides reliable results
  • 4-digit volume display with magnifying window to allow for easier volume identification
  • The unique smooth surface guarantees simple cleaning. In addition to the full autoclavability of this pipette, decontamination is as easy and efficient as never before. This is the ideal pipette when working under sterile conditions
  • An embedded RFID chip contains all relevant data regarding the pipette and offers with Eppendorf TrackIT a simple identification and documentation
  • Available as single-channel pipette in fixed or variable volume as well as 8 and 12-channel pipette


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