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Laboratory Ultrapure Water Purification Systems from ELGA LabWater including PURELAB, MEDICA & CENTRA with our PURESURE water filtration technology

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PURELAB® Water Purification Systems 
From primary grade water for simple routine washing and rinsing to ultrapure (type 1) water for the most critical science and analytical applications, you need to have the choice of water qualities for your applications.


CENTRA® Modular Water Purification & Distribution System
CENTRA is a modular purification and distribution system designed to supply Type I to Type III water to laboratory suites. The high flow rate of this product range perfectly matches the need of mid-sized and large laboratories, while the flexibility to integrate other equipment around the system meets the changing requirements of your lab.


MEDICA® Clinical Water Purification Systems
When you need to ensure that your clinical laboratories run to their full potential with no downtime, we know that you need ultrapure water 24/7. A constant and reliable supply of compliant pure water is not only needed to attain accurate and reproducible results, it is critical.


BIOPURE range purifies tap water to the water purity essential to meet the demands of the latest medical standards:

EN15883, HTM2030/2031, NHS MESc32, MDA/HIS, ISO 15883 Part 4, EN285


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