Stuart Shaking Water Bath

Stuart Shaking Water Bath, 230 V

This versatile water bath can be a linear or orbital shaker, or use as a static bath, depending on the platform you choose. Changing platforms is easy — strong magnets couple to the drive unit so there’s no need for tricky fittings.

For tubes and smaller vessels, order an optional stainless steel rack. An accessory bath cover is required to reach temperatures above 90°C (order separately).

Product Highlights:

  • Customize with platforms and racks
  • Choice of platforms produces a reciprocating shaking, orbital shaking, or nonshaking system
  • Analogue controls and digital temperature display simplify operation
  • Overtemperature and low-level cutoffs improve safety
  • Shaking speed: 20 to 130 rpm
  • Stroke length/orbit size: 3/4″ (20 mm)

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