Jenway 7206 Genova Bio UV/Visible 72 Series Diode Array Scanning Spectrophotometer

The multi-element detectors on these scanning spectrophotometers measures the entire wavelength range at once, reducing wait times. Plus, each dataset contains readings from the complete spectrum, making the data readily available for future analysis.

The detector’s orientation shields the array from stray light, allowing you to perform measurements with the lid open, quickly exchange samples, and decreases user errors in results.

Product Highlights:

  • Diode array technology speeds up spectral data acquisition
  • Simultaneous measurement of all wavelengths increases productivity, scan time as short as 3 seconds
  • Multiple measurement modes for broad application compatibility
  • Color touch screen and user-friendly interface make setup easy
  • Preprogrammed for DNA, RNA and protein analysis
  • Simple and easy-to-use at an affordable price

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