Environmental Express HotBlock® SimpleDist C8000-240 Digestion System

Environmental Express HotBlock® SimpleDist C8000-240 Digestion System, 26-Well, 10 mL; 240 VAC

The EPA apprives the use of micro distillation systems with disposible tubes for reporting of cyanide; systems can be adapted for ammonia reporting as well. The high-throughput unit lets you distill 26 samples simultaneously, using only 6 mL of sample per tube.

It is quick and easyeverything is done in the micro tube! Simply add sample, heat, and bring distillate to volume in the collection part of the tube.

Product Highlights:

  • No more broken glassware
  • Accepts disposable polypropylene distillation tubes–no more costly glass apparatus to clean and replace
  • Save time–smaller sample size means quicker distillations
  • Reduce waste–requires just 6 mL of sample
  • Distills 26 samples simultaneously
  • No need for cooling water

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