Digi-Sense Type-J, Std-Pen Probe; 4″ L, Mini-Connector, .156 Dia, Grounded , 5′ Coil Cord

General-Purpose Penetration Probes Are Designed For Soft and Semi-Soft Materials

Note: the temperature range is for the probe tip only. The handle material may be affected if the probe is rated higher than the handle depending on exposure time, application, and handle material.

Product Highlights:

  • Response Time: 2 seconds or greater.
  • ABS handles provide a light weight design for ease of use along with durability.
  • Probe handles feature a strain relief spring that protects the cable connection against damage due to repeated flexing and tugging.
  • Each probe comes with color coded ANSI miniconnectors: type J-black, type K-yellow, and type T-blue.

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