Cord Lining Epithelial Cells (CLEC) – Skin Cells

Epithelial cells are covering cells that line the body as skin, or are lining cells that form the innermost layer of hollow structures such as the intestines.

Epithelial stem cells can be differentiated into any type of epithelial cell such as skin cells, corneal conjunctival cells, liver cells, oesophageal cells, intestinal lining cells, as well as cells of the lung, airways, and bladder. Nerve cells called neurons can also be differentiated from CLEC.

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Skin Cells, from which 3-dimensional skin (we call this an organotypic skin equivalent) has been made Professor Andrew Burd and his team in Hong Kong have comprehensively characterized Cord Lining Epithelial Cells, clearly demonstrated their multipotent nature and successfully constructed a three-dimensional organotypic skin equivalent.

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