Mixer Torque Rheometer

Improve your formulation development
  • Increase the speed of your formulation development.
  • Quantify the effect of different excipients and binders to solve formulation problems in less time.
  • Optimize your formulation parameters to compensate for batch variations between excipients.
Information that can be used in scale–up programs.
  • Quantitative data about the rheology of you product is available.
  • Use this data in a structured scale up program.
  • Remove uncertainty from your process development.
Production quality control within the granulation process.
  • Small batches can be taken from the granulator for assessment.
  • You will need just a minute to have reliable data to give you confidence about your granulation.
  • Testing takes about one minute and give a quantitative result in which you can have confidence.
  • Quality control without production delays.


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The Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer is well established as a valuable formulation development, formulation research and production quality control tool.

It will uniquely provide you with quantitative and reproducible measurement of the rheology of a wet mass.

Having this information will enable you to optimize your formulations in the least possible time. It will enable you to investigate product and excipient quality issues in a quantitative and meaningful way.

You will obtain reproducible data regardless of whether you have simple or complex formulations, with different binders and different mixing times. The reproducible figures generated can be incorporated into formulation development and production quality control saving both time and cost.

The data can be used as part of scale-up and the instrument can also be used for quality control in production. The MTR-3 is designed to enable the user to quantify the consistency properties of a wet mass.

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