Total RNA Isolation

biotechrabbit™ GenUP Total RNA Kit has been specially developed for a quick and easy purification of total RNA from eukaryotic cell suspensions, tissues and biopsies, Gram-negative (e.g., E. coli) and Gram-positive bacteria and other sources.

After few initial procedures, the RNA is bound to a filter, washed and then eluted in a separate tube. DNA is removed physically by binding to a filter without any DNAse treatment or the use of toxic β‑mercaptoethanol. The purified RNA is ready to be used in all demanding molecular biology applications, including cDNA synthesis, northern blot analysis and others.

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GenUP™ Total RNA Kit


  • Fast and simple procedure
  • High yields of pure RNA
  • Physical removal of DNA, no DNase treatment, no toxic β‑mercaptoethanol


  • Universal kit for total RNA isolation from various sources and different amounts of starting material


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