Total DNA Isolation

biotechrabbit GenUP™ gDNA Kit is designed for a fast and efficient genomic DNA isolation from various sources and different amounts of starting material, such as mammalian tissues (including paraffin-embedded), buccal swabs and eukaryotic cell cultures.

After a few initial procedures, the genomic DNA is bound to a Mini Filter, washed and then eluted in a low-salt buffer. High yields of pure, unshared genomic DNA are ready to be used in all demanding molecular biology applications, including enzymatic reactions and sequencing.

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GenUP™ gDNA Kit


  • Universal kit for DNA isolation from various starting materials
  • Fast and simple procedure with > 100 µg gDNA filter-binding capacity
  • High yields of pure DNA


  • Isolation of genomic DNA from tissues, cells, rodent tail, buccal swaps and paraffin samples


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