Standard PCR

Standard PCR products include a highly active Taq DNA Polymerase that is suitable for demanding applications, such as diagnostics and routine amplification. PCR master mixes, which contain all necessary PCR reagents, simplify PCR setup. Colored, high-density PCR buffers allow PCR products to be loaded diectly onto gels after cycling.

Colored storage buffers allow easy identification of mixes containing Taq DNA Polymerase during reaction setup. Taq DNA Polymerase allows target of 3-5 kb to be routinely amplified under standard or fast cycling conditions. In addition, an adenine is added to the 3’ end of the product, allowing TA cloning.

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Product Highlights:

  • Diagnostic-grade quality — top performance for demanding applications
  • Convenient — master mixes including a direct-load version make your job easier
  • Efficient — abundant DNA even from low copy targets
  • Resistant — direct amplification from crude samples

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