Plasmid Isolation

biotechrabbit™ GenUP Plasmid Kit is designed for fast and efficient plasmid purification from 0.5–15 ml bacterial suspensions in a mini format. After performing an alkaline lysis step and precipitating chromosomal DNA and bacterial proteins, plasmid DNA is bound to a Mini Filter, washed and then eluted in a low-salt buffer. Typically, yields are up to 60 µg plasmid DNA from a 15 ml bacterial suspension, depending on a plasmid copy number.

The purified plasmid DNA is ready to be used in all demanding molecular biology applications, including enzymatic reactions and sequencing.

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GenUP™ Plasmid Kit


  • Universal kit for both high- and low-copy-number plasmids isolation
  • Fast and simple procedure
  • High yields of pure plasmid DNA suitable for all applications


  • Plasmid DNA isolation from Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria


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