DNA Electrophoresis

biotechrabbit™ DNA electrophoresis ladders are mixtures of exceptionally purified DNA fragments created either by PCR or by digesting proprietary plasmids with restriction enzymes. Ladders are ready to use and suitable not only for DNA sizing but also for approximate DNA quantification in gels. For convenience, ladders have increased intensity reference bands and indicated DNA amount in nanograms for every band.

Every ready-to-use ladder is supplied with the nuclease-free Loading Dye Solution, which ensures optimal migration and quantification of your DNA probes. It includes three electrophoresis tracking dyes (xylene cyanol, bromophenol blue and orange G), allowing the process of the DNA through the gel to be visualized.

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50 bp DNA Ladder, ready to use


  • Ready to use DNA ladders ideal for DNA sizing and gel quantification
  • Pure and stable — retain sharp bands after 6 months storage at room temperature
  • Supplied with 6× Loading Dye for sample DNA


  • DNA sizing and approximate quantification on agarose gels


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