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biotechrabbit™ GenUP Exo SAP Kit is designed for quickly and easily cleaning up PCR amplification reactions, enabling their direct use in sequencing or genotyping.

The kit provides a combination of Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase (SAP) and Exonuclease 1 (ExoI) for removing nucleotides and primers. Double-stranded DNA is not affected, ensuring 100% recovery of PCR products.

Both enzymes are active in PCR buffers and completely inactivated by heating at 80°C: no further processing is required. Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase dephosphorylates nucleotides and primers, and the 3′ → 5′ exonuclease activity of Exonuclease 1 degrades single-stranded primers.

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GenUP™ Exo SAP Kit


  • Fast 15 min PCR cleanup without the need for spin columns
  • 100% recovery — no loss of PCR product
  • Simple process — just add Exonuclease 1 and Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase to PCR mix
  • Easy scalability and automation


  • PCR cleanup prior to sequencing or genotyping
  • Removal of nucleotides and primers from PCR reaction


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