Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

We supply automatic and durable liquid nitrogen containers. Made of excellent stainless steel and equipped with roller base. Samples can be stored in either vapor or liquid phase. Stable temperature, low evaporation rat, superior vacuum performance and insulation provide maximum holding times. Top box temperature:-190℃.

Optimal choice for biospecimen preservation: quick freeze, reliable protection, automatic liquid nitrogen filling and kinds of capacities.

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Product Highlights:

  • Available for vapor and liquid phase
  • Available for different capacities: from 2L to 1880L
  • Stable temperature control
  • Advanced temperature monitoring system, liquid level monitoring system and alarming system
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen filling system
  • The microprocessor system keeps data and information forever
  • Demist button
  • Special design for convenient operation
  • Lockable lid to ensure the safety of samples
  • CE certified


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